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Carbon Clean Scotland

We design and manufacture engine carbon cleaning machines and other products to reduce carbon build up and lower emissions here in the UK. We have our own factory and R&D facility to ensure we offer the best products. We have a growing dealer network throughout the UK who enjoy the ease of use and reliability of our equipment. We sell to retail customers like garages, mobile technicians and wholesale partners alike. We can also offer finance leasing over 2,3,4 or 5 years if required. To find out more please feel free to contact us direct.

We also have our own DPF cleaning fluid available only for trade use. Have a garage or do DPF cleaning then we can provide fluid at a very cost effective price. To find out more email or call.

We have a UK wide network of emission specialists ready to help. If you are a garage and want to join our network then call or email now. No monthly fees, no marketing charges and no commitments, just simply purchase the equipment and any training you need.

Need to call us then it’s free just call 0800 774 7134

Save Money Today On Expensive Repair Bills

Hydrogen On Demand will keep your DPF and engine clean of most left over deposits of carbon.

Hydrogen On Demand System

As a result we offer bespoke hydrogen on demand systems. And can supply and fit these for you to your vehicle.  In addition this lowers your carbon build up in your engine and is a simple system to run and maintain. Every vehicle is different and we can’t offer exact figures. Furthermore we offer this service to private customers and big fleet operators throughout the UK. Especially relevant in today’s environmentally conscious world.


Save Money Today On Expensive Repair Bills

Hydrogen On Demand will keep your DPF and engine clean of left over deposits of carbon.

Petrol & Diesel Engine Carbon Cleaning

We have been offering hydrogen engine carbon cleaning for a long time now. As a result this is a great way to look after your engine by removing carbon deposits and will restore power, torque and mpg while lowering emissions. Plus this can also help reduce costly repair bills from components damaged due to the build up of carbon. In conclusion we advise all customers to have this done every 6 months to help maintain their vehicle.

We offer this service to all vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. Therefore trade customers are able to purchase carbon cleaning machines from us directly. Subsequently we have a growing network around the UK using our machines. If you think you might be interested in offering this service in your business then just contact us for an informal chat.

DPF Cleaning Fluid

Because of the many problems with Diesel Particulate Filters on Diesel vehicles we designed our very own DPF cleaning fluid. This is a patented 2 stage cleaning fluid. Our DPF cleaning fluid comes in 2 x 5 litre bottles called a fluid pack and can clean 5 vehicles either cars, vans, trucks, buses, tractors or excavators.

Since the modern vehicle can be complex we only offer DPF cleaning fluid to trade users. This offers garages the chance to clean DPF filters on the car and with the minimum of fuss and with a cost effective product.

To find out more about our active foam DPF cleaning fluid just call or email and speak to the manufacturers not sales reps.


Here is a very compact and easy to use carbon cleaning machine is for use on up to 8000 cc engines both petrol and diesel. This little machine is our most popular machine throughout our dealer network and is now the Mk4 version. Very easy to use, maintain and ultra reliable. Now with 12 months warranty.

Very low cost per vehicle treatment makes this a good investment for any business. Available from stock and at a very reasonable price ,there are very few carbon cleaning machines that can offer this sort of performance and low cost of treatment in this size of machine especially on 12v system.

Launch of the NEW ECS 6C Pro

We have a new portable engine carbon cleaning machine which we have just finished designing. Welcome to the ECS 6C Pro.

After years of development our new machine is a very sleek looking professional portable machine with lots of new safety features, automatic operation and using our patented fluid. Reliable in use, strong in construction and better by design. We intend to do both a 12v and a 24v version of this which will allow a more portable machine for the trucks and bus markets.  For more information or to get a demo booked just get in touch. Available direct or through approved distributors only.