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hydrogen on demand kit

Hydrogen on demand system



We manufacturer, supply and fit our own hydrogen on demand systems to petrol and diesel engines. What does this do ? Well this increases combustion burn efficiency, reduces carbon build up, in some cases improving mpg and tested to reduce emissions all with an improvement in torque. Reducing some of the damage relating to carbon build up in internal combustion engines.  These systems can be removed and refitted when changing your vehicle with only the removal and refitting costs. Easy to maintain and simple to use. Diesel vehicles fitted with (Diesel Particulate Filters) or DPF get less carbon build up and this has been tested on our vehicles for nearly 180,000 miles. To get more information just email to info@engine cleaning.co.uk. Available as a kit only for £349 inc vat plus delivery or fitted from just £60 + vat more. Please note that without a bespoke system we can not guarantee the same or similar results on any vehicle.


Lowering carbon build up in petrol or diesel engines.

Reducing emissions.

Simple to fit and look after.

Moveable to another petrol or diesel car.




Vehicle testing.

Make: Ford
Model: Fiesta
Engine: 1600 Euro 5
Year: 2012
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage : 77,900
CO: 27.8% reduction (combined)
NOx: 31.2% reduction
PN: 86% reduction
MPG: 10% improvement average over a 500 mile test.

Make: Jaguar
Model: XF
Engine: 2000cc EURO 6
Year: 2016
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage : 2489
CO: 25.3% reduction (combined)
NOx: 26.9% reduction
PN: 80% reduction
MPG: 7% improvement average over a 500 mile test.

hydrogen kit
HHOD hydrogen on demand kit
  • We can not give exact or typical figures for emissions as every vehicle is different.


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