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DPF cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning

£120.00 £80.00


We use a special machine to carry out engine carbon cleaning to any internal combustion engine petrol or diesel using a special hydrogen technology. There is also a special fluid that our machines use which is atomized and carried by the gas into the engine.  This is proven to work and we have many customers who come back regularly. Consequently we do lots of vehicles every 6 months to help keep then healthy. Furthermore doing this every six months will help reduce many carbon build up issues and expensive repairs. Customers can get a fast and effective service with the cleaning only taking 1 hour to complete. Therefore with our experience in doing this work since 1998 and of course we design and build our own brand of equipment, you can be assured of a professional service. We do all types of vehicles even small engines like generators, lawn mowers, motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, buses and tractors. All vehicles are priced as below for a treatment. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. Not located close to us ? Then we have a growing network of dealers throughout the UK.

At our premises prices

Motorbikes – 30 min £40

Cars and Vans – 1 hour £80

Tractors – 1 hour £160

Trucks – 1 Hour £250


Mobile service  (at the moment)

Motorbikes – £40 – £60

Cars and Vans – £100

Tractors – £180

Trucks / Buses – £250

Customers will find the benefits of this treatment are restored performance, torque and mpg lost through carbon build up. To improve your vehicle please contact us today for a quote.



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