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carbon cleaning machine 240v

Carbon Cleaning machine (workshop version)

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We have a new carbon cleaning machine available for portable or workshop use. This machine uses 240v mains power and has been developed over nearly 19 years. After many years of testing we have a simple workshop machine that simply just works. This machine is 240v mains powered and is very simply to use , start the vehicle and connect a hose from the machine to the engine’s air intake and start the machine. After running this for approximately 30min – 60min (vehicle dependent)  the vehicle has restored power, torque, mpg and of course lower emissions. This machine is small and portable only weighing 25 kg. We prove this by doing before and after emissions checks and of course road testing the vehicle with the customer. This machine is made specifically for you and takes around 4-6 weeks after initial order. We can also offer finance leasing on the purchase of this machine which is offered through one of the best finance houses in the UK. For more information please feel free to contact us by email to info@enginecleaning.co.uk or call now.

Machine specifications

240 v AC power – works from the mains plug.

Produces 20litres / per minute of gas production.

Can work on any petrol or diesel engines up to 32 litre engines.

All prices are subject to VAT

Model – HDP 9000 ac







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