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Engine Carbon Solutions provide low emissions solutions and engine carbon cleaning. Supply and installation of Hydrogen Hybrid systems. This reduces emissions, improve fuel economy and can lower your running costs dramatically. As a result we supply DIY kits or full design and installation to any vehicle. In addition this lowers your carbon footprint and is a simple system to run and maintain. Furthermore we offer this service to private customers and big fleet operators throughout the UK. Especially relevant in today’s environmentally conscious world.

We have been offering hydrogen engine carbon cleaning for a long time now. As a result this is a great way to look after your engine by removing carbon deposits and will restore power, torque and mpg while lowering emissions. Plus this can also help reduce costly repair bills from components damaged due to the build up of carbon. In conclusion we advise all customers to have this done every 6 months to help maintain their vehicle. We offer this service to all vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. Therefore trade customers are able to purchase carbon cleaning machines from us directly. Subsequently we have a growing network around the UK using our machines. If you think you might be interested in offering this service in your business then just contact us for an informal chat.

Because of the many problems with Diesel Particulate Filters on Diesel vehicles we are able to carry out an assessment and diagnostics to determine the best course of action. Furthermore in the event of the DPF being blocked we are able to fully clean these filters for a fraction of the cost of replacement. In conclusion maintaining the DPF is the best and cheapest option.

Since the modern vehicle can be complex. We offer diagnostics and full live data analysis to all vehicle makes and models. This goes further than just reading fault codes. Therefore we are able to diagnose more accurately and in the long run saving you money.

Due to vehicle remapping issues being common. Hence we can offer a full diagnosis of issues caused by poor remapping or on highly tuned vehicles.  As a result we can offer full software analysis to diagnose your vehicles problem.

Consequently to enable you to get a job carried out we have a growing network in the UK. Contact us for more information.